Multiple sclerosis (MS) is a progressive, fluctuating, unpredictable neurological disease that causes nerve damage. At Advance Physical Therapy, our physical therapists can help patients with MS understand how the body can change with the progression of this disease and help them prepare for these changes to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Continue reading to learn more about treating multiple sclerosis with physical therapy. 


Treating Multiple Sclerosis 

In some patients, MS can be aggressive and progress quickly. In others, multiple sclerosis can progress at a slower pace with extended periods of inactivity. In any case, physical therapy can be an essential component of treatment for those living with multiple sclerosis. Physical therapists work with patients to help treat the symptoms of multiple sclerosis while working on exercises that will be useful for the future.


It is also crucial for people who have just been diagnosed with multiple sclerosis to start exercising as soon as possible because it will help keep muscles strong. There are other benefits associated with physical therapy when one has been recently diagnosed. Physical therapy can be helpful for MS in the following ways:

  • Physical therapy can help patients learn to support and cope with bodily changes. 
  • It can help reduce symptoms. 
  • It can develop and improve strength and stamina. 
  • Physical therapy can help patients regain abilities after a relapse. 


Physical therapy is a very interactive process between patients and physical therapists. Physical therapists have to be very creative in treating patients with multiple sclerosis because the disease is progressive, which means that each patient is different. Therefore, there isn’t one program that will work for all MS patients. Our physical therapists tailor their programs to fit the individual needs of those who suffer from MS. We’ll perform a baseline evaluation to determine what your body is capable of to compare with your future abilities. During this evaluation, we’ll discuss any physical limitations to understand what activities are suitable for you. 


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Although there is no cure currently available, our physical therapists work with physicians to help make the lives of our patients better and provide them with tools they can use to improve their condition in the future. Our team at Advance Physical Therapy aims to make treatment plans that take advantage of our patients’ interests, so their MS symptoms don’t stand in the way of the activities they love. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.