With the holiday season now behind us, it’s important to get back on track and maintain a  healthy/balanced diet going into 2018.  And here at Advance Physical Therapy, one of the best physical therapists in Queens, we want to assist you with this transition.  

Here some friendly tips to start eating healthy again!

Post-Holiday Tips

Get your snack on!  Life gets pretty hectic during the holiday season whether you’re traveling, shopping, visiting family, or running errands. So next time you’re on the run, make sure you bring a snack along for the ride. A great way to curb your appetite and reduce visits to fast food restaurants, some great options include fruit and variety of high protein snacks.


It’s ok to say no:  Ever been in a situation before where you were offered more food and said yes because you didn’t want to upset the person’s feelings?  Don’t feel guilt-tripped this holiday season.  Next time that situation arises just politely and respectfully decline while thanking him/her for the generous offer. By standing your ground, you will be fending off the extra pounds as well.


Bring Your Own Dish: If you have ever been invited to a holiday party you know that the selections usually aren’t the healthiest. A foolproof way of combating that? Cook your own dish! This way, if everything looks like it could be an episode of Diners, Drive-In, and Dives, you will have something to fall back on!


Use Smaller Plates:  Studies have shown that reducing your plate size can ultimately reduce your consumption by 30%. The empty white space on your plate actually plays tricks on your brain and makes us want to consume more. Speaking of color, studies have shown that choosing a plate color that is highly contrasted with the color of food, can also be a way to keep the extra pounds off.


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