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Elbow dislocations are the second most common dislocations in adults and the most common dislocation in children. An elbow dislocation is when the joint surfaces of an elbow are separated. If your elbow dislocation does not require surgery, physical therapy is a great option to ensure a successful recovery. After you are cleared by a doctor, you may begin your physical therapy in Lindenhurst NY at Advance PT.

In terms of joint separation, an elbow dislocation is either partial or complete. There are three different degrees of dislocations. The first is a simple dislocation, which has no major bone injury. A complex dislocation can have severe bone and ligament injuries. The third and most critical is severe dislocations, which have the capability of losing the arm due to damaged blood vessels and nerves.

The most common cause of an elbow dislocation is by falling onto an outstretched hand. Dislocations are also a common injury in motor vehicle accidents as well. Force is the main component of an elbow dislocation, which can happen in few activities, including sports.

Starting physical therapy in the first few weeks after an elbow dislocation is crucial to recovery and to not lose range of motion. After the elbow injury, the elbow can become stiff without proper exercise. Physical therapy can help elbow dislocations by providing range of motion exercises. ROM exercises has been proven to improve the range of motion.

The goal of physical therapy is to fully return strength as well as improve the endurance of the elbow through muscle-strengthening activities. If the injury is sports related, your physical therapist will provide sport-specific training in order to prepare you for your return.

Elbow stretching is also an important part of the healing process. At physical therapy in Lindenhurst NY, you will learn a variety of elbow stretches. Stretching the elbow is important in both healing and prevention, and these exercises may be repeated at home multiple times a day in order to ensure mobility of the elbow.

Along with exercises and stretches, your physical therapist may use modalities to help ease your pain. Heat, ice, ultrasound, and electric stimulation can be used to decrease pain and swelling. Hands-on massages may also be provided to help circulation and pain.

The prognosis of an elbow dislocation is generally positive with rehabilitation. If your physical therapist believes there are signs of slowing progression, it would be advised to go back to your doctor to ensure there are no complications of the elbow.

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Starting physical therapy in Lindenhurst with Advance PT after an elbow dislocation is crucial to recovery and to not lose range of motion.