Range of Motion Exercises for the Elbow

A limited range of motion in joints can occur through a variety of different things. From medical conditions such as arthritis and cerebral palsy to other conditions like inflammation, fractures, dislocation, muscle stiffness, and post-op issues. These problems commonly occur in the elbow making it difficult to have a complete range of motion. This can greatly affect your everyday life from making it harder or more painful to accomplish certain tasks. Knowing what is causing the problems can help and make it easier to find out what kind of exercises will be most beneficial. At Advance Physical Therapy near Copiague, we are well versed in treating elbow injuries of all kinds. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help. 

Elbow Exercises With Physical Therapy Near Copiague 

There are many different types of exercises to help improve range of motion, some designed for more specific motions, for example, elbow flexion is the ability to bend your elbow. An exercise that can help this is to stand with your arm at your side and bend your elbow up as far as you can while applying pressure to your forearm. Try holding this position for ten seconds then repeat this motion ten times. Other exercises for improving elbow motion include: 

  • To help with elbow extension – sit with your elbow resting on a table then strengthen your elbow out all the way and apply pressure to your forearm. Hold this for five seconds. 
  • To help with turning your wrist over – stand with your elbow bent at a 90-degree angle and turn your hands to be palm up. Hold wrist to apply pressure and once a comfortable stretch is felt hold position for five seconds. 
  • To help with turning your hands so palms can face the floor – hold your elbow at a 90-degree angle at your side and turn your hand over so it faces up. Hold your wrist and gently turn your arm farther away from your body until you feel a comfortable stretch and hold for five to ten seconds. 

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These are some simple exercises that when performed regularly can help to gain back some mobility of the elbow. If you need physical therapy near Copiague, have more questions, or feel like you need more personalized care to help with your range issues than Advance Physical Therapy can assist you.