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Fall Sports Injuries

Back to school season and fall sports season come hand-in-hand. Whether it’s football, cheerleading, or soccer, there are dozens of after-school sports in the fall. While this season can be fun, it comes with safety risks as well. Luckily there are ways that coaches and parents can help prevent injury for their children this fall. Everything from stretching before a workout to having an up-to-date physical can help. If you’re worried about fall sports injuries or have any questions, contact our team at Advance Physical Therapy in Nassau County.

Types Of Fall Sports Injuries and Prevention

When playing any sport, there are risks for different types of injuries. Some of the most common fall sports injuries include:

While these injuries may seem daunting, they are all preventable and treatable. Some rules to follow in order to prevent the injuries listed above include:

  • Warm-up properly: Getting your body warmed up and ready to move can help you avoid sprains and strains.
  • Make sure fields are in good condition: Uneven playing surfaces can result in ankle injuries, so it’s important to be aware of the surface you are playing on.
  • Speak up: Speaking up about pain can be hard, but attempting to play through pain often worsens injuries that could be easily treated.
  • Invest in quality equipment: Spending extra on a good pair of shoes or guards will help increase your safety. Playing a sport in incorrect or broken gear can lead to injuries like fractures or sprains.

If you have any other questions about avoiding fall sports injuries, call Advance Physical Therapy in Nassau County.

How We Can Help  

No matter how hard we try to avoid sports injuries, the chances of them occurring are unfortunately still there, even though it is less likely. Luckily when that happens, Advance Physical Therapy can help you or your child through a fast and effective recovery. Individuals suffering from sports injuries range in age and conditions. That’s why we believe in individualized treatment because every injury is different. When you visit us with a sports injury, we not only help your recovery, but we will work with you to strengthen the affected area and prevent future injury. If you or your child are suffering from a sports injury, contact Advance Physical Therapy in Nassau County to begin your treatment today.