Physical Therapy in WantaghAre you looking for physical therapy in Wantagh for your impinged nerves? Advance Physical Therapy can help you. Nerve roots are bundles of nerve fibers rooted in the spinal cord that form a single spinal nerve. When a nerve becomes impinged, also referred to as being pinched or compressed, the transmission of electrical responses is affected. This alteration in transmission can lead to pain in the shoulder, arm, hand, or neck. This pain may begin as a tingling sensation but often increases in severity and can turn into to numbness extending down the arm. Nerve impingement can result from a herniation of a disc in the spine, which can arise from poor posture or improper lifting mechanics. Other causes include:




Physical exertion as in that of sports

Repetitive maneuvers that are straining or stressful (e.g. tool use)


Bone spurs

Degenerative disc disease

Carpal tunnel syndrome

Spinal stenosis

Impingement that goes untreated can lead to degeneration of the joint or disc. If any tingling or pain arises that may suggest a pinched nerve, medical attention should be sought immediately.

How Physical Therapy in Wantagh Can Help You

Treatment for an impinged nerve can entail surgery and/or physical therapy. Physical Therapy in Wantagh not only offers relief from pain, but also works to relieve the nerve itself. For pain, many physical therapists may use massages or modality treatments including heat, ice, and ultrasound, which are suitable for acute symptoms. To address the pressure exerted on the nerve, physical therapists use traction and joint mobilization to free the nerve, followed by a focus on strengthening and posture correction. Posture correction is arguably the most important component of the healing process, as such measures optimize recovery efforts and prevent recurring impingement.

If you or someone you know suffers from pain due to an impinged nerve, our experienced team at Advance Physical Therapy in Wantagh can help you! Contact us today for more information.