downloadThough it’s unlikely that you even need another reason to head outside given the warming spring weather, May happens to be National Physical Fitness and Sports Month! This month’s national focus offers an opportunity to make time in our busy schedules for recreational sports and other physical activities. Be sure to make plans with friends and family that revolve around lacing up sneakers, grabbing some water, and heading outdoors for group fun!

Physical fitness is incredibly important if we strive to maintain healthy bodies and minds. Exercising our bodies yields stronger muscles, improved coordination, and leaner mass- all results that have important long-term health benefits.  Exercise also has the potential to lift our spirits thanks to the release of endorphins associated with physical exertion. Making strides toward a more active lifestyle can help us achieve better fitness, assist in stress relief, and give us a reason to spend time with those we love.

Since we tend to be so overscheduled and busy, setting realizable goals this month will be a key aspect of actually finding it practical to celebrate this month’s focus. Aim for 30 to 60 minutes of physical activity with friends and family, and choose activities based on exertion that is comfortable and appropriate for your body and fitness level. If you’re already a gym enthusiast or habitual runner, challenge your friends to a competitive game of soccer of flag football at your local park. If you’ve barely been able to exercise over the past few years, invite your family members to a picnic in the park where you can play Frisbee, catch, or take walks to enjoy the scenery. If time is truly a problem or obstacle, make the effort to take your dog out for longer walks or hop on your bicycle for local errands.

Embrace spring according to this month’s celebration and initiative: physical fitness and sports! Make the effort to get outdoors, whether it’s with a group of friends or by yourself between daily obligations. Regardless of your plans, be sure to incorporate physical activity into any part of your routine that you can.