If your loved one has recently suffered from an event that has put them in a coma, don’t hesitate to contact Advance Physical Therapy in Wantagh, NY once they have regained consciousness to begin their journey to recovery.

When a person emerges out of a coma, physical therapy is an instrumental segment on the road to recovery. A person who is in a coma is alive, but they are unable to interact and respond to the environment around them. Medically, it is described as a prolonged period of unconsciousness. This type of state derives from an underlying disease or sickness, but most of the time people go into a coma from brain injuries. Other causes of a coma may include some of the following:

  • Strokes.
  • Seizures.
  • Hypoxia.
  • Hypoglycemia.

Once out of a coma, which typically lasts for around 1-4 weeks (in severe cases months or even years) patients need to act quickly to recover from this devastating experience. Physical therapy is a crucial way for individuals who have gone through a coma to improve their motor skills and stimulate brain function. Advance Physical Therapy in Wantagh, NY would like to share with you the benefits of pursuing this type of rehabilitation.

Why Physical Therapy?

Physical therapy has long been overlooked for the role it plays in rehabilitating individuals who have experienced a life-altering brain injury and other disorders of consciousness (DOC). Recovering from a DOC means that the individual is finally aware of their environment and can interact with it. Once conscious (blinking, breathing, and other small signals) the best way to stimulate motor improvement is to pursue physical therapy. 

At this point, our physical therapy in Wantagh, NY, can promote environmental interaction and decrease the chance of further illness. Patients who continue to be sedentary are put at high risk for pneumonia and other illnesses that can become life-threatening. Physical therapy is strongly recommended to begin almost immediately once the patient is showing minimal signs of consciousness. Engaging in this type of rehabilitation has manifested diminishing time of hospital stay, length of recovery, and the chance of contracting infections such as bronchitis, thrombosis, and pneumonia (click here). 

Physical therapy may be needed for a long period based on the amount of inactivity the patient has experienced. In many cases, individuals will need to relearn how to use their muscles and joints, yielding a lot of pain. In physical rehabilitation, without pain, there will be no gain. The good news is the damage that a brain injury brings upon somebody can be overcome and restored with physical treatment. 

Advance Physical Therapy’s Pledge To Help

Advance physical therapy in Wantagh, NY, prides itself on “fast, effective treatment-one patient at a time.” Centered around this statement, we ensure that any patient who has gone through a defective brain injury will get the undivided attention that their recovery is badly in need of. Our devoted staff will cut no corners on the patient’s journey back to full cognition. Invest in us, and invest in your promising journey to recovery.