If you or someone you know plans on undergoing surgery soon, seeing a physical therapist could be a great way to help with your recovery. At Advance Physical Therapy, our physical therapists near Hewlett could help with your pre-surgical needs, to ensure an easier and faster recovery.

Physical Therapy vs. Surgery

How can pre-operative physical therapy or prehab help you? Most people think it is better to seek physical therapy after their surgery, but preoperative physical therapy can prevent you from even needing the surgery in the first place. Whether it is your knee, back, hand, or shoulder that is in need of help, physical therapy near Hewlett can restore the movement in whatever the affected area is.  If surgery is still required, preoperative physical therapy can shorten your recovery time and hospital stay.

If you are undergoing a serious surgery like a hip or knee replacement, preoperative physical therapy can also reduce your need for post-operative care. According to researchers in Ohio, they found a 29% reduction rate for those who underwent preoperative physical therapy requiring less postoperative care than those who did not. One orthopedic surgeon involved in this study says “physical therapy appears to provide value within the structure of a standardized preoperative joint replacement education and planning program in which physical therapists may play an important role.” Physical therapy can bring the proper help one needs prior to a surgery, in regards to helping with their recovery.

Contact Us For Physical Therapy near Hewlett

At Advance Physical Therapy near Hewlett, our physical therapists will show you the best ways to either prepare or prevent your surgeries. We offer services for all parts of the body, including the shoulder, back, neck, and legs. After our Hewlett physical therapists evaluate you, we will show you which preoperative services you need. By showing you a series of exercises according to your needs, this can help increase your mobility, and reduce stiffness in the area.