physical therapy in Lindenhurst

Are you experiencing neck pain and do not know how to get rid of it? Luckily for you, we at Advance Physical Therapy in Lindenhurst are here to help! There are many different types of treatments available to you at all four of our locations and we will help you find the right one for you.

At Advance Physical Therapy, we  offer the following physical therapy treatments to help relieve your neck pain, including:

  • Deep tissue massages
  • Hot and cold therapy
  • K-Laser Therapy
  • Ultrasound
  • Orthopedic rehab

During a deep tissue massage, your therapist will work to work through any tissue, or “knots” that are causing you pain in your neck. Using their hands, fingers, arms, and elbows, they will be able to provide the right amount of pressure to your neck and back.

Another method for relieving neck pain is hot and cold therapy. Your physical therapist will show you how to do this therapy at home. Typically, you should apply ice packs to treat neck pain, as this will close blood vessels to prevent swelling. After a few days, you can apply heat and ice, on an alternating basis. If you continue applying heat, this could increase swelling.

For ultrasound therapy, this generates high-frequency sound waves that travel deep into the tissues.  Your therapist will apply a hypoallergenic gel to your skin, and move the probe in a gentle, circular motion for several minutes, creating a small, tingling sensation in the area. As the sound waves vibrate, this creates heat in the tissue, which helps break it down, reducing muscle spasms and pain, as well as increasing range of motion.

At Advance Physical Therapy in Lindenhurst, we also offer orthopedic rehab. This is especially helpful for those whose neck pain was acquired through an injury, rather than illness. During our orthopedic rehab treatment, it is important to maintain your health, so we will examine your physical condition including your posture and range of motion in the affected area. We will show you what exercises you need to regain the range of motion in your neck as well as any other affected regions.

Whichever treatment for neck pain you need, our physical therapists in Lindenhurst will show you which one is best for you and your needs. At Advance Physical Therapy, we understand how painful and stressful neck pain can be, so we want to provide you with whatever care will help your neck the most.