If you are a crew athlete and have suffered an injury this season, or would like to get yourself prepared to be in the best shape possible for competition, contact Advance Physical Therapy in Wantagh. Our experienced staff will commit ourselves to help you attain success this season. 

Summer is ending, and crew season is approaching! Whether it’s training at the gym or eating healthy foods, there are many ways to prepare your body to ensure the stresses of the long season. There are many ways that you can train your body to be its best for this upcoming season! It is important that you keep your muscles moving and in shape. You can prepare your body by doing the following exercises

Training for Crew Season

  • Hill Sprints: This is a great way to get your aerobic conditioning in! They are the perfect exercise that does not require equipment! Rowers find that sprinting on the flat ground gives them knee pain and shin splints.
  • Exercise Bands: By using bands, they help put muscles through different ranges of motion that you do in rowing. 
  • Bodyweight Exercises: These provide both aerobic training and strength training to keep your muscles in shape. 

The most efficient way to stay healthy for crew season is to keep your body warmed up and trained through exercise! This will prevent any strains or further injuries, and help you be at your best performance! Physical Therapy in Wantagh, at Advance Physical Therapy can help get you in the best shape you can reach! 

What to Put in Your Body During Crew Season

In addition to staying in shape through exercise, diet is also an efficient way to stay healthy during this crew season. Pre-workout meals and post-workout nutrition is extremely important when a rower is trying to stay healthy. To maximize athletic performance, it is recommended that you consume a high carb meal before early morning workouts and competitions. This will help you reach your optimal performance. To recover after a training session or competition, eating a balanced meal within two hours of the crew event and a carb snack is recommended as well. 

Physical Therapy in Wantagh 

This crew season, Advance Physical Therapy in Wantagh can help you reach your goals! We provide fitness evaluations for our patients that focus on their individual needs and goals. Our fitness evaluations help to determine your limitations, risks, and conditions that may interfere with your rowing. We help find these potential setbacks and help you improve on them. We help set specific fitness goals and work with you to reach them with the appropriate training. Make an appointment with us today and get in your best shape for crew season!