Here at Advance Physical Therapy, we know that surgery can be a time consuming and concerning process. From the preparation beforehand, to the actual surgery, and the physical therapy beyond. Our experienced doctors of physical therapy in Valley Stream understand the stress that you may find yourself under throughout the recovery process.  We look forward to helping you get through this and return back to the sport that you love.  

Where Does this Surgery get its Name?

You may be wondering where the odd name for this practice originated from. The surgery itself is named after the former MLB pitcher Thomas Edward John Jr (a star player within the Los Angeles Dodgers, New York Yankees, and several more). When going into surgery for typical UCL, surgeons discovered that he barely had one, as it had worn away from use. Surgeons instead took a ligament from his wrist and inserted it into the area where the UCL should have been. 

He underwent his physical therapy blind, as there were no previous guidelines to work off of, and his routine became the baseline for some of the recovery processes that our physical therapy in Valley Stream use in their treatments. As for Thomas, he was the first person ever to receive Tommy John surgery, and miraculously he made a full recovery, even getting back into the major leagues following the injury. 

What Causes the Need for Tommy John Surgery?

Ulnar Collateral Ligament Reconstruction, otherwise known as Tommy John Surgery, is used to repair the torn ligament within the elbow. The tear happens due to either repetitive throwing or twisting motions, causing constant small tears, or a movement that causes the tendon to snap. This repair is done through replacing the missing, stretched out, or torn area with a tendon or ligament from another area of the body. Our physical therapy in Valley Stream is precisely what you need following Tommy John Surgery to be able to see a full recovery.  

This process has increased in understanding with time, with new techniques and physical therapy options being developed and performed in our Valley Stream location, but the core action remains the same. The elbow is one of the most stable joints, as thus a torn ligament is unlikely (but of course not impossible) to happen except within non-athletes. The injury is prevalent in baseball players.  However, it can also show itself in softball, gymnastics, wrestling, and javelin athletes as well.

Physical Therapy in Valley Stream

Sports rehabilitation is necessary after a Tommy John Surgery. Without physical therapy, patients might not be able to use their entire arm normally or free from pain, and playing in sports again will be impossible. Advance Physical Therapy in Valley Stream will work with you through this process. Recovery time may last 1-2 years depending on the severity of the injury and strength of the patient.  Beginning with small motion exercises, and eventually progressing all the way to peak athletic recovery, is the goal of our physical therapy services. Visit us at our Valley Stream location or contact us through our website to learn how Advance Physical Therapy can get you back into the game.

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Sports rehabilitation is a must after Tommy John Surgery. Contact us online to learn how Advance Physical Therapy in Valley Stream can help you.